Chandra Yonzon | चन्द्र योन्जन

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), founder & Director, RGIT Australia

Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria

Born in Nepal

Migrated to Australia

Chosen Hon. Consul General

Founded RGIT Australia

“My community is my pride and asset. I will always honour and respect my position as Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria, as it provides me with a lot of fulfilment. Of what I can be sure, is that I will always be here for my community, regardless of title or position. I have gained so much from my role as Hon. Consul General. I have given a lot of my time to hosting delegates. I have provided much hospitality, hosted delegates warmly, and with my heart. I am sincerely happy. My community – our community – is my asset, my everything, and I will continue to serve for as long as I can contribute positively.”

Chandra Yonzon | चन्द्र योन्जन


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